Zorin 11 core

Zorin 11 Core

I really expected to hate this distro. Something about the aim to look and feel like Windows always sends up a red flag. I’ve seen a number of other distros try this and fall flat but this one seems to have almost pulled it off. First thing I noticed is the Chrome repo is broke. Not a big deal, easy fix and I’m sure it will be fixed in the next release. One thing that bothered me was the Windows 7 style menu. It is easy enough to edit the left side but the right seems to be static and I really don’t need a lot of the stuff listed. One thing I really like though was the theme switcher. Don’t like the light look? Switch to dark. Theme doesn’t match your wallpaper? Change the theme color. It is a minor thing but it is something I really like. Will I keep using this distro? No but I think it has some good ideas.